Silver Creek Theatre Company

Silver Creek Theatre Company (SCTC) is a completely creative, non-coerced troupe of fun-loving, rather exacting actor/musician types who spend hours in extracurricular performing arts pursuits under the direction of Leslie S. Dweir.

This all takes place at Silver Creek High School in Longmont, Colorado. In a typical academic year season, SCTC produces a fall drama and a spring musical, with a wonderful holiday interlude that a few of us know as the “madrigal theatrical,” which is a small but vibrant part of the Royal Madrigal Feast each year in early December. What an extravagant affair that is, with all choirs and our fine orchestra personnel, with special brass numbers added from the band, along with hot wassail and a fine dinner and dessert to boot.

Our performing arts programs are enthusiastically supported through a non-profit Silver Creek Organization for the Performing Arts. Find out more at

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